10 things to do we can always recommend while at Villa Marina


With amazing natural sceneries that you just have to experience yourself. It is a coral reef of over 16 hectares and one
of the largest wild life refuges in the country. With over 500 different fish species this white sand beach island is a
paradise for diving and snorkeling, it is also a protected area that has become a sanctuary for humpback whales and
dolphins, amongst other mammals that live in the area.


Hiking around Villa Marina can be an adventure. Along the paths you will find amazing natural lagoons, waterfalls, and incredible lookout points into the Pacific Ocean


Did you know Panama holds the first place for biodiversity in Central America? Over 750 different bird species which makes it a paradise for birdwatching, particularly coastal birds such as kingbirds, boobies and pelicans. A natural beauty
that will surely surprise you.


Pedasi is one of the best places in the world to watch humpback whales. Between the months of July and October these cetaceans swim from cold waters in the South Pacific Ocean to warmer waters in the Central American Pacific Ocean to mate and give birth to their offspring’s. Real postcards for tourists who come to admire these huge mammals dance and jump out of the ocean.


What a better place than the beach to go horseback riding at sunset and enjoy the beautiful scenery, while the sun slowly sets in the Pacific Ocean horizon.


Venao Beach is called Panama’s surfing capital. At these beaches international championships are held every year with participants from all over the world coming to enjoy its waves and well-earned reputation.


Take a chance out into sea and paddle around in a unique natural setting, with crystal clear waters you can watch marine life in their natural habitat making this experience truly incredible.


In its natural state and like you have never experienced it before. A sky full of stars that you will not believe your eyes, colorful sunsets, and night bonfires. There are so many things to see and do that you will not have enough time to enjoy them all.


Los Santos Province is well-known because of its rich cultural heritage. Its carnival is famous because of its colorful splendor; there is also the Thousands Pollera Festival and Mud Festival which mixes rock and local traditions and is becoming more popular in the region.


The bond between mankind and nature is portrayed in this moment. Four species of turtles choose these beaches to lay their eggs in the sand. The community unites to protect them and prevent them from being at the mercy of predators. One of the most extraordinary natural spectacles in the area.

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