We want to personalize your experience to make you live unique moments and transform Villa Marina into the place you always want to return to.

Personalized Experiences

In Villa Marina there are activities for all tastes. Explore the natural environment, go on an adventure at sea. Or just relax. From tours to surf lessons. From Yoga to horseback riding on the beach.

Burst of flavors and traditions on your palate.

Live a rich gastronomic experience with local ingredients from farm to table and fresh seafood off the docks with the
unique Pedasi region cuisine flavor.

Playa y Piscina

Or enjoy both! At your feet you will have over 4 kilometers of beach and sand to enjoy. Venao Beach has a well-earned reputation as Panama’s surfing capital, and our ocean front pool made of natural stone invites you to laydown in tranquility under the sun and enjoy one of our world class cocktails.

Live an incomparable experience!

Personalize your experience with us!

Our greatest asset is hospitality. Tell us what we can do for you. From private tours to planned special events for you and your group. Just tell us what you need and our team of experts will take care of everything and be ready upon your arrival.


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